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If you are looking to install a pool, deck, or addition, we offer B100a code-complying septic system designs. Need to rejuvenate a failed septic system or extend the life of an existing one? SHC has you covered. We are a proud certified installer of many septic system products including SoilAir® and Geomatrix®.

A brief overview of SoilAir® Septic Systems: SoilAir is used to rejuvenate a failed septic system or enhance a new system by oxygenating the surrounding soils. This promotes aerobic bacteria growth which allows the leach field to work at much higher levels. SoilAir is a long-term septic solution and once installed you can expect much lower operational & maintenance costs plus a better functioning septic system.

Learn more about the benefits of SoilAir here:

SoilAir | Stone Harbour Construction | 203-989-9610

GeoMat Edge, GeoU, GST, and S-Box Geomat are all proprietary systems made by Geomatrix systems. These systems are designed to use a smaller overall footprint and have proven to support aerobic bacterial growth through third party laboratories.

Learn more about the benefits of Geomatrix here:

Geomatrix | Stone Harbour Construction | 203-989-9610

If you are in the market for a new Septic System or need help with repairs then contact the experts at Stone Harbour Construction.


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